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The Top Five Reasons Why Forex Traders Fail And Lose Money

The Top Five Reasons Why Forex Traders Fail And Lose Money One of Forex’s biggest advantages is the availability of highlyleveraged accounts. This means that traders with limited starting capital can still achieve substantial profits by speculating on the price of financial assets. TradingView is one of the top forex trading websites for charting and […]

How To Start Forex Trading With $100

Forex Trading Risks What is Forex trading and how does it work? Forex trading is the means through which one currency is changed into another. When trading forex, you are always trading a currency pair – selling one currency while simultaneously buying another. Rather, currency trading is conducted electronically over-the-counter (OTC), which means that all […]

#rockwallinvestments hashtag on Twitter

Samsung Pay umożliwi płacenie kryptowalutami! Bitcoin po 500 tys. USD w sierpniu 2021 r.! Bitcoin jest lepszy od złota. Google a halving BTC TerraCoin crypto currency is a Bitcoin fork with a shorter delay between blocks. Branches; Tags A Bitcoin mining pool with p2pool, litecoin mining pool and other cryptocurrencies peer to peer pool mining. […]

What Are Bollinger Bands?

Admiral Markets UK Ltd When should you use Bollinger Bands? Bollinger BandWidth is an indicator derived from Bollinger Bands. BandWidth measures the percentage difference between the upper band and the lower band. BandWidth decreases as Bollinger Bands narrow and increases as Bollinger Bands widen. Chartists, therefore, must employ other aspects of technical analysis to formulate […]


United States Dollar – Canadian Dollar (USD – CAD) Currencies It’s important for you to consider the current Financial Service Guide (FSG), Product Disclosure Statement (‘PDS’), Account Terms and any other relevant OANDA documents before making any financial investment decisions. Please be fully informed regarding the risks and costs associated with trading the financial markets, […]

Can XRP reach $100? How High Can It Go?

XRP predictions from cryptocurrency analysts On the other hand, other cryptocurrencies are bought or sold through central exchanges that can crash anytime and render the users a great loss. Many banks around the world are struggling to identify and explore new revenue models. While Ripple wants to ensure that banks can discover new markets, primarily […]


Because most ETFs are focused on passive or index investing, there aren’t as many trades that take place compared to actively managed mutual funds. Due to the way ETFs are structured, they tend to have lower costs than certain other types of investments such as mutual funds. In fact, you could do all your investing […]

Czym jest Bitcoin Cash

Więcej Jest to zależne od opłaty transakcyjnej (fee) – im większa tym szybciej trafi.Szybkość potwierdzenia jest szybsza niż w przypadku BitcoinaInneCałość nagrody trafia do górników. Skutkiem tego jest dość kosztowne utrzymanie węzłów.Bitcoin oparty jest tylko o miningBCH posiada bloki o większym rozmiarze – 8 MB. edytuj kod] Bitcoin Cash ma potencjał, aby przetwarzać więcej […]

Wie viel kann man mit Daytrading verdienen?

Zusammenfassend kann man sagen, dass es nicht einfach ist einen Broker zu finden, der für Profis wie gemacht ist. Viele konzentrieren sich inzwischen vor allem auf die Einsteiger, also die heranwachsenden Profis und versuchen diese früh an sich zu binden und von ihrer Plattform zu überzeugen. FxPro hat einen anderen Ansatz gewählt und versucht mit […]

Is Online Trading Secure?

You do not wish to lose any more than 10% of your investment, so you place a $45 stop order. This order will become a market order to sell once the stock trades at or below $45. This order works during the day, but it may lead to problems at night. The next morning, […]